When to use broadcasts and when to use sequences

Modern email marketing tools like ConvertKit and Drip provide two main ways to send emails, sequences and broadcasts. It's not always obvious when you should use a sequence, and when you should use a broadcast.

Guide to creating ConvertKit Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of the two main ways you can collect new ConvertKit subscribers (the other being forms). In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create your own ConvertKit landing page.

2019 Year in Review

This is the first time that I’ve written an annual review. I have mixed feelings about their usefulness to people other than the author, but I do actually enjoy reading other people’s. So hopefully you’ll enjoy reading mine!

Growth experiments

There are a lot of smaller things that we can try in our business, yet we often find it completely overwhelming to get moving with them. We plan, re-plan and then plan again. We talk to people to make sure our plans are good.

What is the bounce rate?

The bounce rate is the percentage of people who visit only one page on your website in a single session. It is one of the most important metrics that you should be tracking and improving on for your website.

How do you bulk delete subscribers in ConvertKit?

Sometimes you need to delete subscribers from ConvertKit. These could be subscribers that are no longer active, they are unconfirmed, or they no longer want to receive your emails.

What is the difference between Pardot’s static and dynamic lists?

In Pardot, lists are one of the two main methods for segmenting prospects (the other one being tags). Lists are used for sending emails to segments (groups of subscribers/prospects). There are two types of lists in Pardot: dynamic and static.

Finding out why people didn’t buy your product with RightMessage

Most people who visit your product sales pages will not buy. That is a simple, if uncomfortable, truth. Unless your conversion rate is over 50%, the majority are going to walk away rather than buy your product.

What is the difference between a sequence and an automation in ConvertKit?

Sequences and automations are two of the corner stones of ConvertKit. Using both effectively is critical to the success of your email marketing efforts. But what is the difference between them?

How do you use markdown with ConvertKit?

If you are anything like me, you love to write in markdown. And like me, no doubt you’ve realised that ConvertKit doesn’t support markdown! Fortunately, there is a simple work around that you can use to get your words from your writing app into ConvertKit.