What is an online sales funnel?

You may be under the illusion that all you need is a website and it will magically start to get you more customers/clients for your business. An effective website is a good start, but it in itself is not enough.

Are you spending too much time scheduling calls with potential clients? Why not automate it?

Do you ever feel like you spend half of your life organising calls with clients and potential clients? You send a simple email letting them know when you are available.

Leverage other websites to grow your own audience

A common misconception about websites is that if you have one, people will automatically find it. In truth, you need to put a lot of work into promoting your website on an ongoing basis. One of the most common and well known routes is search engine optimisation.

5 ways to incentivise visitors to become email subscribers from your website

Do you offer a way for people to become an email subscriber on your website? If you do, are you incentivising it by offering additional value?

If you answered no to either of those questions, you are losing potential leads which could one day become customers.

84% increase in conversion for email opt in call to action

I ran an A/B test to see if I could increase the conversion rate for the email sign up call to action on The call to action is positioned at the bottom of each blog post.

Tripled page views for BeFused

BeFused is a site focused on teaching people about Drupal web development and includes a premium book which is available for sale on the site. While receiving a steady stream of relevant traffic, an increase would result in more email signups and more book sales and was critical for the commercial viability of the site.

13 ways to beat writer's block

You are sitting at your computer staring at your screen. The cursor is blinking. Your fingers are ready to type. But your mind is blank.

Welcome to writer's block.

We all get it. It is a curse of trying to create something from nothing. Sometimes you just end up with nothing.

From Developer to Author

On May 17th, I gave a talk called "From Developer to Author" at DrupalCamp Wroclaw in Poland. I outlined a method to make extra revenue, increase exposure and teach others what you know by writing, self publishing and marketing a book.