13 ways to beat writer's block

You are sitting at your computer staring at your screen. The cursor is blinking. Your fingers are ready to type. But your mind is blank.

Welcome to writer's block.

We all get it. It is a curse of trying to create something from nothing. Sometimes you just end up with nothing.

From Developer to Author

On May 17th, I gave a talk called "From Developer to Author" at DrupalCamp Wroclaw in Poland. I outlined a method to make extra revenue, increase exposure and teach others what you know by writing, self publishing and marketing a book.

Recurring Revenue for Consultants workshop review

If you are a consultant, freelancer/contractor, or full time employee, the old saying "time is money" is something you are always reminded of. You work an hour, you get paid an hour. You work a day, you get paid a day.

Tools that I used to write Master Drupal Development

If you want to write a book, you’ll want the right tools to make your life easier. The right tools will truly save you time and help you to keep your sanity. Below you will find a list of the tools I used when writing Master Drupal Module Development.