Not enough people clicking on your confirmation link? Try these four strategies

When you send a confirmation email to people before they join your email list, not everyone is going to click on the link. But if the proportion of people who don’t confirm (don’t click on the confirmation link) is too high, you are missing out on potential subscribers.

Which email provider should you use?

A friend emailed me recently and asked:

If you could recommend any email marketing software that I could use to capture email addresses from a web form and then run email campaigns?

What is an online sales funnel?

You may be under the illusion that all you need is a website and it will magically start to get you more customers/clients for your business. An effective website is a good start, but it in itself is not enough.

Are you spending too much time scheduling calls with potential clients? Why not automate it?

Do you ever feel like you spend half of your life organising calls with clients and potential clients? You send a simple email letting them know when you are available.

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