Automation Blueprint

When we first work together, we’ll usually start with the Automation Blueprint is where we discover your needs, define what to build, what to integrate and what to automate. We work together in a very collaborative way to map out all the processes.

The Automation Blueprint includes the following parts:

  • Process Extraction: we’ll review your current processes and then work out what the new processes should be
  • Segmentation: not all members are in the same situation. Some are ready to become members and some are just learning about your organisation. We’ll define the different types of members and prospects, and group them into segments
  • Mapping: we’ll map out the journey that members should go through when being onboarded, upgraded and finding out more. We’ll map that that specific messaging.
  • Tech assessment: with the processes and segments defined, processes mapped, we’ll match this to the technology and tools you need to make it a reality

In some cases, The Automation Blueprint will be for your entire operation. In other cases, it will be focused on a specific part.


I offer simple pre-paid 10 hour blocks for all services, including the Automation Blueprint.

After the Automation Blueprint is complete, I’ll estimate the number of blocks needed for first Automation Build. Sometimes just one block is enough, sometimes it’s more.