The following books have helped to shape me and my business.

  • Badass Your Brand, Pia Silva
  • Deep Work, Cal Newport
  • Marketing Made Simple, Donald Miller
  • Double your Freelancing, Brennan Dunn
  • Content Machine, Dan Norris
  • The 1% Rule, Tommy Baker
  • The Automatic Customer, John Warrillow
  • The Trusted Advisor, David Maister
  • The One Thing, Gary Keller
  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, Mark Manson
  • Create or Hate, Dan Norris
  • They Ask, You Answer, Marcus Sheridan, Krista Kotrla
  • Web Design is Dead, Ben Hunt
  • The 7 Day Startup, Dan Norris
  • Be Awesome at Online Business, Paul Jarvis
  • Sell More Software, Patrick McKenzie
  • The Consulting Bible, Alan Weiss