ConvertKit is an email marketing tool that allows you to build robust automated email flows, without the complexity of some of the other providers.

How do you use markdown with ConvertKit?

If you are anything like me, you love to write in markdown. And like me, no doubt you’ve realised that ConvertKit doesn’t support markdown! Fortunately, there is a simple work around that you can use to get your words from your writing app into ConvertKit.

Sending sequences emails immediately in ConvertKit

Have you ever needed to send an email to a new subscriber as soon as they sign up and add them to a sequence?

Exclude subscribers in a ConvertKit sequence

One of the things that attracted me to ConvertKit is that it's built for professional bloggers and creators, and as such it has built-in features that I knew would make my life easier. And I'm all for making my life easier!

Introduction to ConvertKit liquid conditions

ConvertKit comes with a handy templating language called Liquid. Liquid allows you to add just enough logic to your emails (broadcast or sequence emails) to be really potent. But it isn’t always easy to understand, especially if you are not technical.

How I migrated from Drip to ConvertKit

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