Drip is a marketing automation system by Leadpages that helps you increase leads, improve engagement, and streamline processes by building powerful personalised and automated marketing funnels.

If you use Drip, you might find yourself with a blank slate in which to build your workflows and campaigns. But then you find yourself lost with the seemingly unlimited options. How exactly should you structure your workflows? Is it best to use campaigns or workflows or rules? Liquid conditions - what are they? Help!

Latest Drip articles

When to use broadcasts and when to use sequences

Modern email marketing tools like ConvertKit and Drip provide two main ways to send emails, sequences and broadcasts. It's not always obvious when you should use a sequence, and when you should use a broadcast.

How to write in markdown and publish in Drip

If you are like me and write in markdown, you probably have a hard time going back to a rich text editor. All those buttons, all that time wasted! But unfortunately Drip doesn’t support markdown and has a rich text editor.

Need to send subscribers back to a Drip Workflow repeatedly? Use this simple Rule

Have you ever needed to send subscribers back to a Workflow after they exit it? This is a common requirement when you use a Drip workflow to send emails rather than campaigns.

Sending transactional emails in Drip

There are two main types of email, commercial and transactional. Commercial email is marketing and promotional email, and that includes sharing content from your website (e.g in a newsletter).

How do I style the Drip confirmation link?

I recently received the following question from a reader:

How do I style the confirmation link in the confirmation email? I’d like to style it as a CTA button.

Personalised call to actions in Drip emails

Most email newsletters that you’ll receive have the same call to action for all subscribers (or even no call to action at all), regardless of their status and position in the funnel. But that will result in sub-optimal results.

Drip content snippets

Using a marketing automation tool like Drip means you are sending a lot of automated emails. These emails are in campaigns and workflows and will drip out over weeks and months.

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