If you are like me and write in markdown, you probably have a hard time going back to a rich text editor. All those buttons, all that time wasted! But unfortunately Drip doesn’t support markdown and has a rich text editor.

Fortunately you can have your cake and eat it (what does that saying even mean?). Here are the simple steps I use to write in markdown and move it to Drip without touching the rich text editor:

  1. Write in markdown
  2. Export as HTML
  3. In Drip, hit the source button and then paste 

In just three steps, you can write in markdown and move to Drip. How you achieve step two will depend on the tools that you use. I write in Ulysses, which makes it super easy to export markdown as HTML.

Example: using Ulysses

In this example, I’m going to use Ulysses to copy the HTML and paste to a new email in Drip.

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