Blair Wadman 9 minute read
July 5, 2016


Last week I jumped on a short flight to Stockholm in Sweden, to attend Double Your Freelancing Conference EU (DYFConf). This was the first time Brennan Dunn, founder of Double Your Freelancing, has held the conference in Europe. Going to Stockholm, hanging out in a Japanese resort complete with spa pools, with like-minded people and learning from a fantastic round up of speakers - attending was most definitely a no brainer!

But could it top the best conference I’ve been to?

Last year I attended Microconf EU in Barcelona and declared it to be the best conference I had ever been to. Why was Microconf so good? Most of the talks were great. But it was the people. For the first time at a conference people weren’t off in their own circles, doing their own thing. People wanted to hang out with each other, get to know each other, learn from each other. It was a truly superb experience and easily the best conference I have been to. So you're wondering: could it be beat?

DYFConf live podcast

Well this year, I had to decide between going to Microconf and the new kid on the conference block, DYFConf. I have known Brennan for years and he has built his brand around freelancers and consultants. He helps them get to the next level in their business with the aim of making more money and leading better lives. There is a lot of advice out there online (and offline) and you don’t always know who to believe, but Brennan is one of those voices that I truly trust. So I decided to book DYFConf instead of Microconf. And I was not disappointed. DYFConf exceeded all expectations on all fronts and is now easily the best conference I have been to!

The social conference

If you enjoy hanging out, sharing ideas, having fun and making friends with a bunch of like-minded, inspiring and motivated people from around the world, then DYFConf is for you. I met people that I know will become life long friends. And that wasn’t confined to just the participants. The speakers were just as much a part of the conference as the rest of us. I feel like I got to know the speakers more than I could have at any other conference.

DYFConf Group photo

So why did it work so well? It is hard to put your finger on these things exactly, but I believe Brennan’s idea of how a conference should run is why it worked so well. He believes in small and intimate conferences, where the speakers don’t have their own speaker's room and one where everyone hangs out together all of the time.

This is why I think this was an amazing conference:

Talks round up

Julie Elster talk

The talks were absolutely top notch and action packed and all of the speakers were fantastic, both on stage and off. 

Normally I come away with some key take aways. With DYFConf, the talks were so good that they were full of take aways. It will probably take me until the next conference to implement them all! But as I do implement the take aways, I will share the steps and results with you in Propel Weekly.

Nathan Barry and Blair Wadman

Common threads

While I'm still unpacking the detail of the talks, there were some common threads throughout the talks and conversations.

The goodbyes

The goodbyes started on the final night as some people left that night or early in the morning. That is when I realised - saying goodbye to these awesome people was not going to be easy. It was emotional and there were many many hugs!

It goes without saying, we are all looking forward to returning to DYFConf next year. Will you join us?