Email automation for education-based businesses

I help education-based businesses leverage email automation to streamline processes, improve email engagement and increase conversions without spending even more on traffic.

You might be focusing on getting more traffic through strategies like content marketing, social media and advertising. But your website is not doing its share of the work. You want your website to be turning traffic into quality leads, into customers and clients who are ready to buy.

Some problems you might be facing:

  • the email opt-in forms on your website are shown to people who are already on your email list
  • the same marketing messages are displayed to all readers, regardless of who is reading
  • the same emails get sent to everyone on your list, regardless of their interests or likelihood of buying your services
  • you feel trapped having to sending an email newsletter each and every week, leaving you feeling like you are on a newsletter hamster wheel
  • you find yourself wasting a lot of time setting up initial calls with prospects, only to find that they aren't a good fit for your services.

If you relate to this, I can help.

I'll turn your website into a complete sales funnel that converts more people into leads, increases the trust they have in you over time by educating them and preparing them to become clients.

The website and funnel will:

  • send relevant and timely emails and education to people
  • build trust with potential clients in both your expertise and your ability to help them
  • education them on how you work
  • save you from needing to speak to every prospect - you’ll only need to speak to the best prospects (those most likely to buy)

Your website will be set up to do this on auto pilot, giving you more time to focus on your business.

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