Consulting for membership businesses

I help Drupal-powered membership businesses increase engagement, convert more members, retain members and improve the membership experience.

Here is a sample of some of the solutions I’ve created:

  • Custom membership systems: Tailored to the needs to your business and your members. Delivered in a collaborative and iterative way to ensure the end solution is the right one for your business and your members.
  • Paywalls: Have some of your content behind a paywall for members only. You can choose which content is free to the public, and which is for members only.
  • Events: Manage events and allow members and non-members to book. Optional integration with third party booking and payment systems
  • Email automation: Improve member engagement with segmented and automated email workflows
  • Personalised membership experiences: Segmenting your membership base and providing personalised journeys to improve engagement and member retention
  • Online training: Systems to allow you to manage online training, track training completions, set pre-requisists and multiple course leaders
  • Integration with third party systems: Salesforce, Pardot, ConvertKit etc

Want to work with me?

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