Membership sites

Developing a great custom membership site is hard. It is even harder to ensure that your website will deliver value for your members and business.

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Before starting on the process of building your membership solution, it is important to plan ahead. I offer a service, called the Membership Roadmap as a way to help you understand the direction we should go, how long it will take, any risks we could face along the way and the budget required. The result is a prioritised and actionable plan to get your site and business from where you are today to where you need to be.

Once the roadmap is complete, we can commence the build with an Iterative Development process.

Membership Roadmap

1. Strategy workshop

We start off with a detailed discussion about you, your business, your members (or potential members) and business model. We will look at the business problems and goals behind the project. We will dive into the details of the project, how to deliver value to your members and will establish how it will deliver a return of investment for your business.

2. Roadmap

We will take what we learned from the strategy workshop. We will draw up the roadmap to get you from where you are today to where you want to be (your objective). You will come away with a detailed, actionable and prioritised plan.

Develop Membership site with iterative development

We implement the roadmap, in short two week iterations. Each iteration starts with a demonstration and a planning meeting, where we reflect on where we are and agree on the priorities & goals for the coming week. Flexibility & responsiveness is key.