Blair Wadman 5 minute read
August 25, 2015

Multiple niche offerings - Do I create a second brand for a new offering?

If you have one niche offering for a defined market then you are likely to only need one website. But what happens if you have a second niche offering that is for a different market? Do you run both under the same umbrella with a single website, or create a separate brand and website for the second niche offering?

There are pros and cons to both approaches and which option you go for will depend a lot on your scenario.

Single brand - pros

Multiple brand - pros

Which do you choose?

The option you choose will depend on your scenario. So let's look at a couple of different scenarios.

The third scenario is the grey area. This is not an exact science, so there is no exact amount of overlap that warrants a single brand. If you feel like the bulk of your audience for the first offering would not be interested in the second offering and any related content, then it still makes sense to split them. It is better to really hone the copy and maximise the conversion rate (proportion who contact you, become subscribers or some other important metric) then to try and cross promote. You can still have a promotion block on your site for the second website for those that are interested. Even better, create a landing on each site promoting the other with links directly to the most relevant content.

The audience rule

When making this decision, the most important factor is your audience. Try and define who the audience is for each of the offerings. Are they teachers, builders, freelancers, parents? They should identify themselves by this audience (don't make up something that they don't see themselves as). Defining the audience up front makes everything else easier. It makes it easier to research their pains/needs/wants, write the copy for your website, create blog posts and find groups online with potential customers. Once you define your audience, you can create a website per audience.

There are plenty of examples in the wild where entrepreneurs do both approaches. Let's look at some of them:

What about you? Are you considering splitting your websites and brands?