Segmentation and Personalisation

Personalisation is all the rage these days. And it's one of my core focuses at the moment. And I don't mean in the “chasing the latest craze kind” of way. I'm focusing on it to genuinely improve educational outcomes for users by giving them more relevant content.

Let's back track. What does personalisation even mean?

At its core, it's figuring out who people are and what they need and giving them more of that. As opposed to giving everyone who visits your website or reads your emails the same thing. It's an attempt to treat people like humans with different needs, rather than a uniform mass.

Segmenting your audience and delivering a more personalised experience based on their needs is critical for the long term success of membership and education-based businesses. I’m offering a consulting services to come up with a segmentation and personalisation strategy that works for your business.

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