SEO Blueprint

Is your website leaking traffic?

Search still presents a big slice of traffic for many websites. Your website may be a great platform for your business and audience. But if it isn’t setup to be fully optimised for search engines out of the box, you are likely to be leaking traffic and therefore potential revenue.

But how do you know what needs to be fixed?

The SEO Blueprint is designed to discover the main SEO holes in your website and give you a roadmap to fix them. The roadmap will be prioritised by impact. You’ll know what the important things are to fix and how to fix them (we can also fix them for you).

Two options

Option 1: SEO Blueprint

We’ll deep dive into your business, services, products and your target market. I’ll ask a lot of questions and do a lot of listening to understand what makes your business tick. We’ll talk about where you want your business to go in the medium and long term.

We’ll then perform a comprehensive SEO audit your website. We’ll be looking for:

  • Leaks that are preventing search engines like Google (and real people) from finding your content effectively
  • Drupal SEO modules or Wordpress plugins that are configured incorrectly or not installed at all
  • Your site's navigation structure and internal link patterns
  • Nasty things like duplicate content, 404's, broken links and images
  • Slow loading images
  • Missing or badly written meta tags and alt tags*

Then we’ll perform a detailed SEO analysis of your most important pages. We’ll also provide thoughts on your site overall and tips on improving conversion rates.

You’ll get the results in a detailed report with an actionable roadmap. The blueprint will be prioritised based on impact and time to fix. Those items with the biggest impact and quickest to fix will be a high priority than those with a lower impact and more time needed to fix.

Option 2: Make it happen with SEO Fix

After the Blueprint is complete, you can implement it yourself (or your team), or we can do it for you with the SEO Fix.

SEO Fix is an intensive process that takes 1 to 5 days to complete. Because the Blueprint will be prioritised, we can design the SEO Fix around your budget. You can fix it all in one go, or just tackle the high priority items now and the rest at a later date.

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