Automate your membership

Your membership business runs on systems. But if they aren’t integrated, automated and optimized, you’re likely facing problems such as:

  • you aren’t converting enough visitors into members
  • you are wasting valuable time with manual processes
  • your members aren’t getting a consistent experience
  • you don’t have the right data in the right systems automatically

We can fix that by automating your workflows, integrating your systems and building your email funnels.

This is the fastest way to get business and email automation setup for your membership business. There are two options:


This is a great option if you want to build one specific thing, or have a bucket list of changes, and you want to get it done quickly.

We'll work in a short, hyper focused, 1 day intensive to deliver a high impact change for your business.

Timeframe: 1 day

Investment: $1500


Automation Build

Perfect when we need to go deeper, and automate a bigger part of your business.

We'll focus on one area of your business in a calendar month, uncover your ideal workflows and build out an automated and integrated solution.

Timeframe: 1 month

Investment: $3000


Both options include:

  1. Strategy call: we’ll collaboratively brainstorm and draw up a strategy for what we can get
  2. Kick off call: we’ll touch base and make sure we are aligned before I start building the automations
  3. Training: A dedicated session where I’ll walk you through the new automations (such as ConvertKit, Zapier), how they are setup and how you can use it and get the most out of it
  4. 30 days support: complimentary email support to ask any questions you might have

Getting started

To find out if we're a good fit, please fill in the form below. We can then discuss which option will be best for your situation.