To blog or not to blog

This is the question a lot of creative entrepreneurs have. Everyone seems to be doing it but you’ve got a business to run. Do you have enough time to add another recurring task to your todo list? And what will a blog do for your business anyway?

Write more consistently. Use Trello to manage your editorial calendar

Building an audience through content marketing and email marketing is a great way to generate more leads and new customers online.

Who are you blogging for?

Blogging is an incredibly powerful business tool that can really help you grow your business over the long term. But often, when preparing to write for our blog, we can get caught up with who we should write for.

Focus on content over SEO or advertising

A lot of people focus on SEO (including keyword research, link building, competitor research), Adwords, Facebook advertising and a social media strategy to drive traffic to their website.

Blog for your potential clients, not your peers

Some business owners and entrepreneurs get into blogging because they think blogging in itself will make them a lot of money. The business is all about the blog. So you set out to create the most popular blog possible. You blog about what you know. You teach people. You share your knowledge.

Creating content that people like, trust and share

Writing content consistently is one of the best ways that you can increase your online profile and grow your business. Creating content that really helps your audience, will naturally be shared and bring in more people. Over time, it will also attract people from search engines like Google.

Educate, don't sell: An introduction to education based marketing

People don't like being sold to. Good advertisers know this and create adverts that blend into the environment. Subtle enough to appear as if they are not trying to sell to you.

13 ways to beat writer's block

You are sitting at your computer staring at your screen. The cursor is blinking. Your fingers are ready to type. But your mind is blank.

Welcome to writer's block.

We all get it. It is a curse of trying to create something from nothing. Sometimes you just end up with nothing.

The 90 day writing challenge

Keep calm and write daily
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